To make life expectancy uniform.

About us.

NERG is a technology company that uses biometric data to make life expectancy uniform.

Our machine learning platform translates wearable sensor data into actionable insights for health professionals and the communities they serve.

Driven by questions.

What if community members never missed an important health screening, regardless of their ability to afford healthcare?

What if health stakeholders knew exactly how to allocate resources to have the greatest impact on their community's health?

Built for today.

Our platform turns your organizational objectives into simplified, digital health goals for your entire community.

With our unique, real-time insights you can understand what's working, what isn't and why?

Going beyond statistics.

The members of your community are more than numbers in a spreadsheet.

NERG connected intelligence helps you look deeper into your community's health challenges.

Our Team

Luciano Sewell

Founder and CEO

Afsin Buyuksarac

Chief Technology Officer

Spandana Yendrala

Data Protection Officer

Rohit Vemuri

Head of Community

Jolene Tran

Advisor - Health and Healthcare System

Let us empower your health community!

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