EmPowered to serve those who serve.

Our Focus

How can we use wearable sensors to systematically remove the health challenges veterans face?

Our smart device adapts to all of your care needs, including primary care and preventative health screening.

Blood Pressure

Blood Oxygen

Blood Sugar



and more

EmPowering Vets to take control of their health.

As our community grows, NERG AI uncovers subtle biometric nuances that allow veterans to reduce the impacts of their personal health challenges, including PTSD.

When we finds enough links in the chain, we push those makers to all the veterans on platform as daily goals.

Mission Critical

Veterans shouldn't have to struggle to find resources.

VA Hospitals should never be crowded.

Veterans should never miss an important health screening.

Extending the VAs reach

Our Remote Monitoring platform allows every veteran the opportunity to connect to a VA hospital, clinic, or care provider from home.

In just a few clicks, veterans can share the health and lifestyle habits with the right care provider from anywhere.

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Let's create the future of veterans health!

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